Applicant’s Information

In case of minor please provide parents’ or legal guardian’s information

Residential address:

(Please note that the address must be a residential address outside Portugal, P. O. Box or business address cannot be accepted, and must match with the document provided as address proof)

Applicant’s Passport Information

Were you born in Portugal?
Do you hold Portuguese nationality?

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A high-quality certified scanned copy of the applicant's passport. EU Citizens can use their National ID Card. Photos of both sides of the ID must be provided.

No shadows - No light reflections - Passport is not expired - Signature is fully visible - All four corners of the document must be visible

Upload Passport

Proof of Address

A document that serves as proof of residential address outside of Portugal. P.O. boxes are not accepted. Provide an English translation if the document is not written in English or Portuguese. Please note that:

1. The first name matches the name on the passport
2. Surname matches the name on the passport
3. Address matches the address submitted in the order form
4. Text is legible
5. No shadows
6. No light reflections
7. Document must be in English or Portuguese

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Do you need a bank account also?